Being a member of St John’s involves more than simply attending the services. It involves a commitment to grow in relationship with other members, to share in the responsibility for the life and costs of the church, to serve in some way in the ministry of the church and pray for and support the mission of the church.

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Membership of the Electoral Roll

We encourage everyone who worships regularly at St John’s to become a member by joining the ‘Electoral Roll’. This entitles you to participate in the election of members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). It also determines the ‘official’ adult membership of the church. To join the Electoral Roll you need to be 16 years old and either resident in Egham Parish or, must have habitually attended the church for six months. An Electoral Roll form can be downloaded or obtained from the Church Office. Although the Electoral Roll is the legal process for becoming a member of St John’s, there are several other commitments which are even more important.

Electoral Roll

Membership of a Life Group

Small groups provide the best environment for building relationships and growing in faith and life. They are so important we call them Life Groups. A Life Group is a small group of people (usually about 8-12) who are committed to helping one another to deepen their devotion to God, to one another and to a broken world. We invite and encourage every member of St John’s to belong to a Life Group. Some meet in people’s homes and some in Church. They provide an opportunity to study the Bible, to pray, to care for one another and to develop friendships. For details of when the groups meet and to arrange to join one, click here for more information.

Involvement in the Ministry of St John’s

St John’s thrives on the involvement of an enormous number of people who give their time and use their gifts in the life of the Church. Indeed we want to encourage everyone to be involved in some way in the challenge of ‘transforming our community’. If you would like to get more involved, please speak to one of the Clergy or your Life Group leader or contact the church office.

Involvement in the Prayer Life of St John’s

Our vision for Prayer is that St John’s become a House of Prayer believing that nothing of lasting value will happen apart from Prayer.

We have a daily Pause for Prayer at 12.00 noon. You will find prayer pointers for the week on this website in the Prayer Diary (updated weekly).

Whatever you are doing pause for a couple of minutes to pray for St John’s Church. Many people find it helpful to set an alarm on their watch or phone as a reminder. This can also provoke some really helpful conversations!

There is an invitation to prayer and breakfast (Knees at Nine Buns at Ten!) every Saturday morning at 9.00am in the Caddey. Come for the whole time of just drop in for a few minutes.

Our Monthly Church Prayer Meeting (First Priority) meets at 8pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8pm in Church.

From time to time we have other special prayer events such as 24 hour Prayer days and weeks of prayer.

Sharing in the Cost of Ministry

The work of St John’s is wholly supported by the congregation and so we ask every member to prayerfully consider their financial commitment to the annual costs of the ministry.

We have a ‘Partnership Scheme’ which enables the Church to reclaim tax paid on these gifts which substantially boost their value. The Partnership Scheme can be used for regular giving and one off gifts, large and small donations and, whether or not you are a tax payer (though clearly we do not reclaim tax for non tax payers).

A partnership form can be downloaded or obtained from the Church Office, from the Partnership Scheme Secretary, Lesley Pocock and she will be happy to discuss details with you further.

Partnership Scheme