Our Stories

What God is doing in our lives


I have been worshipping at St John’s since my now 30 year old daughter was in crèche! Right from being a new Christian I have been very involved in what is going on at the Church and I have been involved in a small group. I love this church family and our strong committed leadership and our clear sense of purpose. Christ is glorified and adored and the impact of St John’s stretches far afield in so many different ways.

Michael and Elaine

For years before we met, we did not attend church. We thought it would be boring. But in 2008 I (Elaine) went along and was overwhelmed with the warmth of welcome. Two weeks later Michael joined me and was amazed at the loving welcome he experienced. Since then we have got married, renewed our baptismal vows (by full immersion), joined a Life Group and Michael has joined a Breakthrough group and started playing drums in the worship band. And I have taken on the Church cleaning! St John’s Church welcomes anyone who is broken inside, lonely and in need of God’s love and then shares all the blessings of Jesus with them in Egham and around the world. Thank you Lord for blessing us with this wonderful Christian family.


I first joined St John’s when I started at Royal Holloway in 2000. From the very start I was warmly welcomed into the church and soon started playing guitar with the worship team. Since then I have had the fantastic opportunity to serve with the worship team, playing and leading music, as well as behind the sound desk and occasionally a camera. I thank God for the amazing friends I have been blessed with at St John’s, the chance to praise and worship with so many servant hearted people, and the opportunities to grow in my relationship with Him.


I first came to St John’s as a student – and it has given me a home and a community for 16 years since then. In that time there have been all sorts of changes in my life: Being a student, starting work, moving house, getting married, having children…. and in all of these the church family has provided the friendship, love, care and support that I have needed.” “Several times we have thought about moving away from Egham, but each time we have realised how pivotal the church and the church family are to our lives as a family, and have decided to stay. St John’s is a community to which we contribute and from which we gain a huge amount of spiritual and practical love, support and challenge. As a family we range in age from 4 to (nearly) 40 and each of us has a place that is right-for-us within that community.


By being a part of both practical and spiritual ministries in the church God keeps showing me that “As the body without spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead” (James 2:26). Being a part of the church family means sharing all the joys and challenges of this incredible spiritual journey with friends, and coming together on Sundays to enjoy lively worship and sound teaching.


The great thing about St Johns is the people. I have found the best way to get to know people has been to join one of the Life Groups, go for coffee after the church service and to get involved in the life of the church in as many ways as I could. Very importantly for me has been the wonderful youth work. My daughters have been encouraged in their faith right from their toddler years up to their teens and have made lots of friends along the way.