Welcome – Pastoral Care

Everyone in St John’s can be involved in pastoral care by looking out for one another both on a Sunday morning and during the week. St John’s encourages people to join a life group in order to get to know a small number of people better who can support and encourage one another as they meet regularly together.

There are times though when extra support is needed and there is a group of trained pastoral assistants at St John’s who are involved in many aspects of church life but primarily to come alongside people and bring God’s love to them at difficult and challenging times or if someone just needs a listening ear.

The pastoral assistants work alongside the clergy, life group leaders and others to support and care for individuals in a non-judgemental way. They receive regular training, have DBS clearance and respect confidentiality where appropriate. They can be contacted via the Pastoral Team Leader or the church office (01784 605400).

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