Welcome – Youth


The youth ministry (11-18) at St John’s exists to help young people grow into a confident and passionate faith in all areas of their lives.

Youth Life Group (years 9-13) is a group that meets weekly in term time helping people think about their faith and how it works in their day to day life.
Outbreak (years 7-9) takes place most Sundays from 10.50am in the Caddey meeting for fun, teaching, worship and food!

Each summer we take a group of young people from and around St John’s to a summer festival. In the past we have joined with 10,000 plus young people at Soul Survivor each summer, this year we are taking a group to “Spree South East” – for more info click here or email youth@stjohnsegham.com

Throughout the term we socials every couple of weeks. If you want to know more email the team on youth@stjohnsegham.com, contact the church office on 01784 605400 or check out the youth pages on the website:-

Find out more about YLG

Find out more about Outbreak