What Legacy Will We Leave?

What Legacy Will We Leave As A Church For Future Generations?

Asked on Sunday 30th September 2007 

A church where we stop asking God to do things but take the authority he gave us to command it in His name. A church of miracles.

A loving, caring Christian community at St Johns open to all in Egham. Flexible, outward looking buildings will facilitate this.

An inclusive and inviting community centre with thriving worship opportunities all through the week. Church needs modern transparent/glass frontage.

A place where anyone can come and find a welcome that says they are lived – one that is accessible to all.

A church that is at the heart of the community where people can grow in their knowledge and experience of God at work.

Maintain the church and it surrounds for the future.

An open church which encourages active participation from the community.

Grace and mercy for the poor and the rich. We must have the heart to forgive.

A place for all the community to come and feel safe and loved.

Something to welcome the wider community in and engage them in the good that can be delivered through the community of St Johns.

We should have a vision to reach out the community of Egham; to meet their needs both practically and spiritually and to share Christ’s love with them.

An open doorway to Christ. Meet them where they are at.

Encourage participation in church life through sport. Build a 5-a-side court/action cricket pitch which is open to all. Hold tournaments after the 11am service for all age groups. Have a monthly golf group.

The church should be a welcoming fun place. The church should be relevant and should look to meet the needs of the community.

A warm welcoming church to include the whole of the community.

A place of caring, love, help, joy and peace.

A fully equipped and inviting church centre used by many to create a sense of community in Christ.

A place where all who live in or come to Egham can come and be refreshed. Both spiritually and practically (by prayer, worship, food and drink) and emotionally (having someone to listen).

A vibrant Christian church which is part of the life of Egham. Where non-church goers feel comfortable and welcome. A church which they feel “belongs to them”.

A centre for the community (spiritual, educational, emotional) for people of all ages.

A believing worshipping community of Christians seeking to serve God in a culturally relevant way.

A place to come just as you are – warts and all. A place without judgment.

A place for the whole community to get involved in the church.

That the church is for everyone. No matter what.

An unchanged, un-watered down teaching of God’s love. God is the same, yesterday, today, tomorrow. Love everyone regardless of colour, creed or religion. Lend a helping hand. Be a welcoming and worshipping church.

To be a guiding light relevant to modern society.

A church where community and church boundaries disappear. The community own the building and people are free and comfortable to use it and join us as boundaries break down.

Making inroads into the local community. Welcoming people to come and participate in an activity. Café, bookshop, information about what the church provides, what support is available and what we can offer as a pointer towards what God offers them. A place that can be used for youth and church activities.

A place with Jesus at the centre. A place which provides a place to meet Jesus, to know his presence and his leading. A house of prayer for Egham and the nations.

A beautiful functioning building with reminders of where/what Christianity has been. An ongoing living community.

A new centre where all the diverse aspects of the life of Egham are represented.

A church that involves all of the people in Egham.

A caring church.

A place in the community that people are keen to enter and participate in.

A beautiful world and non-destroyed planet. Inspirational structures. A church that is relevant to the 21st century. No burdens such as debt, high maintenance costs, inflexible structures.

Do not forget that the church is/are the people that make up the body of Christ – not the building. Each member of the church should reflect the nature of Christ.

The church should provide a way for all those in Egham to have a real opportunity to decide if they believe. Church needs to be more entwined with the community.

Provide concrete evidence that we love and trust in the Lord; that we value his generous provisions; that we cherish our fellow man and that we use our experiences from the past, both good and bad, to inform our actions in the future.

Commitment to and love of prayer.

I think that we should be able to give a secure, safe and friendly place to meet to our children and children’s children and all of the local community.

To keep Egham church in the forefront of the people of Egham. That activities should attract non-church focus.

Building on the heart for music and worship (that is already here). Encouraging testimonies to be shared – how God is at work in us to encourage others. Further outreach to families in local communities.

A refuge for the lost, the helpless and the alienated. A centre that symbolises hope and help. A sign of a good future.

Don’t let us become the crazy old man in the street shouting in the street with a bible shouting at people who just ignore him. We should run sports clubs and activity groups for everyone, not just the congregation. I don’t know if Egham has any homeless – I can only assume that it does. Where are the almshouses that you talked about? At least amongst my friends the church is seen as an organisation which tries to suppress and condemn. We need to become a church which helps but does not judge, in which all can feel welcome. Also, how much is given to the church? I can’t help but think we are the rich men who gave a bag of gold to the temple, not the poor woman who gave her two copper coins.

I would like future generations to look back and be thankful to us because we were willing to tackle difficult, big issues and not take the short term way out. (i.e. we managed to somehow get hold of and use (and improve) the hideous building on the front of the church and we tackled the difficult problem of using and building on the land at the present graveyard.)

A lively Christian community involved within the people of Egham.

Church and buildings that can be and are used by the people of the town in as many ways as possible.

Continue with projects like Besom where the church reaches out to the community by meeting needs.

A church that is available to the whole community, working closely with other denominations in the area.

A church that is open to all (ages, types etc.) A natural part of life. A new church centre would draw people in to God.

We are ambassadors for Christ and we should leave an embassy.

I would love to see the church and new church centre visible from the high street so the people of Egham could be reminded that Jesus is calling each of us.

Show that we are not afraid to progress and move forward.

Be more of a supportive community.

Bible based community with continued vision for where God wants us.

A place that is widely known in the community – and further a field – as exciting, relevant, welcoming and overflowing with love (for God and His people). Furnished with facilities worthy of God’s excellence.

Ministries serving the community. Giving without any motivation other than showing God’s love.

God’s church community to be known and to serve among the people of Egham. The church building should provide the resource, space and platform for this. The community of Egham to see the church as a signpost to God.

Our church should be prayerful, sustainable and God centred. It should be a place where needs are met. We should be outward serving.

There should be no generation gap. No “problem” youth.

A strong church, standing out in the community with full welcoming access to all (avoiding all cliques) with fully safe and sound buildings – not masses of maintenance problems. The new centre would be part of all this.

A well equipped and welcoming church which can be used by all the community.

Love tolerance and involvement in the community of Egham.

Outreaching to the wider community.

Continue to encourage the young.

A place where future generations will find the living God and know they are part of his plan.

Multi-discipline groups worshipping God in many ways and reaching out to the community to welcome that to God’s kingdom.

Relevance, access, modern church centre, devoted to prayer, a light in the darkness

A place where all will feel welcome – getting back to the days when church doors were left unlocked. A place so full of love that no-one would want to harm or damage it in any way.

A community of healing

A centre of restoration

A shop window that to a consumer society causes them to want to buy in

A practical help, outreach to the poor of our community (Jesus came to the ‘poor’)

A practical blessing to those in Egham to promote Jesus i.e. offering pound coins for parking or offering free coffee or genuine ‘love’ no strings attached outreach to those on street in Egham. Offering chance of ‘prayer’ on the street, etc. We need to bring Jesus to the people of Egham, not wait for them to come to us.

A legacy of a church that vigorously served its community in every aspect of need, to go somewhere in achieving the well-being of each and every one of God’s beloved.

A church centre/church that’s always open and welcoming e.g. a café/coffee bar/restaurant, etc. (and maybe some other community services Citizens Advice, Creche, Swimming Pool!!)

A vibrant community full of and responding to God’s love and the facilities to support its activities.

A church in which the love of God personally and through the fellowship of the church leadership and congregations may be evident.

A church centre and family that will enable us to serve the community as a fantastic witness.

Stronger links with the other churches in the area – encourage them to join in the vision for the community

regular fellowship cross-churches with all Christians in the area?

Vibrant and active youth ministry – perhaps a centre in town – social events – involvement of the students to help

Nurture and support of smaller churches/ministries/student fellowships.

Buildings to be used by whole community of Egham


A church fully involved, engaged and committed to the people of Egham.

2 Corinthians 2:14-15 – We would be a people who love unconditionally, accepting everyone, making the hope of Jesus known to all.

St John’s is a safe place for all and we grow to become a body of people that lives out our faith every day in ways that God leads us and directs us.

The church centre that is open EVERY DAY and welcome all walks of life in, staffed by volunteers and some paid staff.

They (us now) worked hard, prayed hard and had fun in doing so.

A young generation of disciples making disciples of Jesus.

First, a legacy of people, generation after generation, who hear the word, receive the Spirit, follow the way.

Second, a house that invites a house of peace yet energy, a house of God.

Church serving the community – involved in it and serving its needs.

Church giving orientated to meeting this.

Outward-looking rather than inwardly-focussed.

Buildings which have the resources. Adequate space and rooms to cater for all age groups to meet and worship the Lord. Provide a link to the community and the church community.

Hebrews 12:1-2

A vibrant relevant centre to the community led by the Spirit of God.

To offer a warm welcome to everyone.

We should leave a legacy of a community that seeks to be Jesus to Egham, we should not be cut off from outside but the overflow of a personal relationship with Christ should be to share it!

Facilities that the community can easily access and use.

More youth group for young people. Try to help one another when in need.

A vibrant Christian community, attractive to everyone and serving their needs.

The legacy should be a positive, affirming church, a strong godly community where justice and mercy are integral.

At present we are heading for a legacy of huge debt because of unnecessary extravagance.

An open, welcoming, vibrant place where it is obvious that the people inside are fun-loving, caring and making a positive difference in the community. A place where the community naturally filters in and finds the grace of God!

A church which is in the centre of the community and in tune with its needs…

Stronger links with our mission partners abroad – teams of people going to visit frequently.

That we can find something at church that we won’t find elsewhere in the Egham community, e.g. an activity, hope, comfort, safety, shelter, a place to enjoy yourself without causing trouble to others and that people will make them feel welcome.

A group of people (which is the church) full of the love of God and expressing that love in every way within the local community. (A building in which to meet which has been well maintained and cared for would be an added bonus.)

That we should grow more into the local community and its day to day life.

An open, inviting, secure place where everyone feels welcome and no-one will be turned away. Coffee shop, books, comfy chairs, someone to talk to where God’s love is shown to all.

A place that anyone in need can come to without being judged by the people in the church. A church that is humble and reaches out to all.

Relevant to young people

In touch with society, not set apart

Accessible – a place to go as easily as a café or M&S!

Firm foundations in faith and philosophy as taught in the Bible

Avenues to spread the good news of that message!

Quality environment in which to invite and involve local community in.

If possible I would like the Church Centre to be more prominent so that it is central to the whole town, i.e. Parish, not just the regular congregation. In its present position people do not know we are here.

A sense of an open, welcoming community which wants to be a part of local life.

A community of believers built on relationship with God flowing into unity of relationship with each other outworking the works commanded in scripture in a culturally aware and appropriate way in unity with all Christians of whatever denomination.

That St John’s matters to every person in Egham. That the whole community believes the church makes an invaluable contribution to everyone’s lives.

A church that is Christ centred and with young people especially in mind!

A caring church.

I think the church at Egham should take more notice of the faithful.

I don’t think I would be better.

A building and centre ‘campus’ that are at the heart of Egham community rather than a community that is secondary to the building(s). Key words: Accessible, welcoming, flexible, relevant, tastefully contemporary.

A ‘community’ feel to the church – welcoming to everyone – it’s all about the people.

One for a wide community able to use. Encouragement for occasional use can bring in people who will hopefully become more than occasional users. These could be people looking for premises to carry out their hobby, surroundings can make people think of other things.

Our legacy should be: the people that we are and the way that we should behave as Christians should be reflected in our buildings. Inclusivity, welcome, love and living the gospel are key.

A place where people in need (homeless, in family crisis, etc.) can find practical help, and this should be linked up with sharing the Kingdom of God.

A lively church fully engaged with the community, meeting the spiritual and pastoral needs. A church whose ministry is relevant and speaks God’s truth in ways which all ages can understand.

A living church where Christ enters every part of life, showing its love in practical ways.

A place where people can come for practical help/advice in all areas of life whether they are members of the church or not, whether they are Christians or not.

A centre for community especially youth –

Drop in internet café

Lunch spot for all

Permanent day nursery (not tidying away all the equipment daily).

A strong, God-honouring, worshipping community, with the passion and resources to bring God into the heart of our community.

A united community offering Christian help and support to one another.

People that lived out their Christian faith and kept the church ‘alive’ and flourishing with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ

People that worked with the local community

Legacy of music and songs

Legacy of good teaching

Legacy of good architectural work

“Of joy, community and love”

Student outreach

A community centre in which to praise God. Whatever happens the ‘doors’ need to be made open.

Sound teaching – grounded in God’s word. Life underpinned by prayer – conversation with God.

Passing on to the next generation (for them to pass on to the next, etc.), faithful, committed, life changing followers of God. Passion. Strong prayer base and habit. Preachers who preach rather than lecture. External focus not mere maintenance. (Actions for us … better discipleship programmes.)

A place that is open to the whole community:

Welcoming, approachable

In touch with reality, real people and where they are at in life

Meets the needs of the people

A place where heaven touches earth

A space that creates an environment for freedom in worship – especially for the young people (ps: I’m not young!). A space to be theirs. Not having to put everything away at the end of each meeting. Also a dedicated prayer room.

To become more fruitful as a church.

A church at the heart of the community – open and accessible to all.

One which God would be proud of.

An easily accessible building which will encourage and inspire those who worship and work here. A flexible, eco-friendly structure which can adapt easily to the needs of the vulnerable in the area.

The message of declaration that will be passed down generations we are Gods disciples we should make our commitment an example to be remembered and a tradition to be passed on, to be righteous, blessed people to show our faith is strong. To be hospitable, to serve, not to have a problem with giving with no evident reward for our service, to love one another, to love God and to have fun knowing God is with you. To pass down our History so our children can take the good and let God work through them.

To be a forward going church for all people.

To create a happy environment for our children.

A growing church with facilities for all ages.

A continuous long coming together of our church and Egham community, both people and buildings.

A church at the heart of Egham that everyone knows. The people of this town should know where it is, what happens there and why.

Facilities to suit reaching out into Egham with the gospel message – as per our vision statement.

A solid foundation built on the Holy Spirit.

An environment of love, care, warmth that will point people to the love of the Lord Jesus, so that they can know him too. A church glorifying God. A church embracing all, regardless of any differences.

Our church should be CLEARLY CHRISTIAN

But should be WELCOMING TO ALL.

A place to be welcomed. A place to receive teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ, prayer worship. A place to experience Christian fellowship.

To be a church available to all, engaged in and with the community, a sign and witness of God’s love in Christ and helping others to experience it. To use what the church has received to serve the mission of God – makes the church plant work!

A place where the whole of Egham knows they can get support and care and something everyone wants to be a part of.