What Needs Could We Meet?

What Needs In The Community Of Egham Could We Meet?

Asked on Sunday 21st October 2007 

A time and place for regular family events + children’s events both after school and weekends.

We need to choose things that are missing – not everything. We don’t need to compete with community centre etc. Not sure what is missing.

To be a place to comfort and console those in need of God’s love, who may not know Jesus yet.

A place where thedoor is always open and friendly familiar faces are welcoming. Where lonely, depressed, hurt, etc. people can go to talk and feel loved and cared for.

Homeless people

As a church we need to meet the needs of Egham community such as the poor, the sick. We need to maximise our pastoral care. This is a real growth engine for St John’s and meeting the call of our Father in Heaven.

People in wheelchairs. Ill people.

Have fun clubs every week for children.

Students (Holloway and Strodes) are often around during the day and looking for somewhere to go – to eat, chat, etc. Strodes’ students are only there between 9-4 but particularly lunchtimes.

Better engagement of newcomers to Egham and UK.

Drop in pastoral centre /coffee shop / teenagers / drugs. Elderly. Mums at home with young children.

More support for young peoples activity. Drop-in centres providing sustenance for low income families or any who need it. A place where people can come and restore their faith at any time.

Immigrants / Those who don’t speak english – lost and frightened.

Gham has always had a huge number of organisations,many of them meeting at the Literary Institue. This venue is now less available – there is a great need for a meeting place for members – many of the older people are in this category – let us think of them too.

A place to go on weekends.

To be a serving SERVANT CHURCH in the community of Egham through prayer companionship.

A place of safety for the marginalised is an ideal. St John’s will not achieve this until they deal with the problems of people WITHIN the congregation who are marginalised by depression, anxiety, poverty, etc. Until we reach out in the power and love of Jesus to them we are powerless to go further.

The need – combat loneliness, despair, depression. The centre needs to provide “open-all-hours” facilities and a proper welcome for all.

more as activities for young people – to encourage them to develop skills and talents and to encourage them to express themselves creatively. Also reach out to new people in the area as well as providing/offering English classes for those for whom English may not be their first language.

Outreach to the disadvantaged (poor, teenagers, etc)

Three main groups: – Youth 13-17 – Elderly 65+ – Mentally ill – depression. Those typically under the term “care in the community”. A safe and warm environment for all the above.

Everyone everywhere needs to feel loved and accepted. We need to be who we are where we are. We need joy and we need to give it to them. If we really care we will be where people need us when they need us.

A place where people come and talk to someone, not exactly 24/7 but 7 days a week most hours of the day. A quiet space – maybe a garden – open 24/7 where people can go meditate, pray, escape, or just be still, and that it is obvious that this garden is always accessible and they don’t have to be worried to ask someone for a key.

A common meeting place such as a coffee shop for people to drop in for a chat.

Youth work with teenage boys- there’s far too little for them to do. Possible provision of sports and adventure facilities and storage at a centre, for outdoor activity. Indoor sports in a Christian setting (e.g. basket ball). Base for outdoor sports (showers, etc) e.g. cricket, rugby at RHUL.

I want signing person to help me as I am deaf. I do not know what person is saying.

Quiet room where needy people can talk without fear of others knowing. Pastoral team to visit sick, lonely, etc. Coffee room for people of Egham to feel welcome and not an outsider.

Don’t duplicate! Integrate. If the social services already do something for old people – but nothing for single parents – then address that need.

The new church centre shoud be a place, or contain an place, which would be open and welcoming to everyone.

Pray for people who need some company.

The need for something other than materialism and consummerism. A sense of purpose etc. Don’t know the answer to exact question.

Need to tell the disabled, mentally handicapped and ill that Jesus loves them. A place where they can have a place to come.

A place where there is peace and you can share problems and meet in small groups.

Have somewhere other than Tescos where you can relax and have drinks and buns.

Somewhere open during weekdays that people can come to who might be ill, old, lonely, suffering from mental illness, that might be mums with young children and looking for a warm, friendly place to go where people care, they don’t feel threatened.

Have a drop-in centre in the High Street. How about the building on the fringe which is little used?

Space for sports for our own young people and for open youth work, e.g. friday nights, including football, juice and coffee bar.

Dear Alastair and team, look up and visit Bridge at Garforth in Liverpool. The vision changed and purchased the building. Pastor Bill Bygroves is pastor.

You should ahve a drop-in centre for the youth of Egham – advertise in local schools. Weekly time -> place where there’s pool table/games console, etc. Somewhere to chat and chill.

Somewhere for teenagers to go that they believe is relevant to them e.g. involves music.

Citizens Advice available Monday – Friday

To look at what is already in place and is in need of support. e.g. Care, Besom, Drop-in Centre, Climbers/Explorers/CYFA, and then look to other areas where support can be given.

We need a safe location for people to drop in with coffee shop?(a bit like Woking). Also set times for people to drop in to speak to others in the same situation, e.g. students, single mums, elderly, etc.

Somewhere to meet people during the week. Help with counselling.

Become involved with the drop-in centre, so it can be open more days.

Counselling for all ages. Continue with children’s activities, especially in holidays.

A place where young people can feel welcomed and valued – a place of “safety” and where they can find a purpose for their lives – and a place where old people can feel useful and belong in the church family.

A facility where young and old can meet for coffee and maybe simply lunch or snacks open each day.

Somewhere for a meeting place during the day for most ages – young mums, older people, and single people.

Within the new church centre: coffee shop. Cheap affordable lunches. Teas. Open in the evening to get youth and others off the streets, with people for church available to talk and advise people.

Many churches, especially in tourist towns, run a coffee/lunch cafe. This serves two needs (1) provides a warm friendly meeting place (also inexpensive) and (2) provides a way in which many people can serve regularly and themselves gain from that through friendship. In Egham tourists are rare, but students, mothers with young children, and elderly are numerous. Maybe therefore also offering drop-in childcare would be something else that would be valued. Question: is the church centre location the right place for the? is it obvious enough?

Cultural and language orientation for foreign students and their “partners”. Apparently a lot of Chinese and other nationality students come to RHUL with wives/husbands who don’t have enough English language skills. Often this can make it difficult to fit into “society” here.

Debt counselling – we have a number of the congregation with strong financial skills must have something to offer.

We can help run open youth club on Friday and Saturday night when all the 14-18 year olds gather on streets/parks etc. with nothing to do, getting sometimes drunk and in trouble.

Christian drop-in centre with a portion of building being used for daily drop-in for coffee, easy food of light preparations. If people need prayer, direction, support, information it could be made available to them. This could be like a small cafe, offering employment and training to help one obtain experience too. Other parts of the building should be separate and used for something different like prayer meetings, social gathering for various groups. The cafe or bistro would be ideal for young adults to share in fellowship in a safe place. There should be no alcohol on the premises. Christians could worship through making music together, games. True Christian fellowship.

Coffee shop. Christian bookshop. A meeting place / activity centre for the youth of the town to meet during the evenings. A separate “quiet room” for counselling to take place.

Cafe space for local people to drink coffee, chat, and make friends.

An open “welcoming sign” that can cover individual needs that will only be known at the time. So… “Come and see if we can help” kind of thing. Be bold and behold!!

1) giving the lonely company. 2) having organisations for singles and especially 20-30s.

Concerning students and the nearby uni: Consider sponsoring a talk or debate with Christian apologist who can present Christianity and defend its claims on a clear, informative, intellectual level. Stand to reason www.str.org

Some form of stronger assistance to students as part of their outreach – e.g. a non-conventional, culturally relevant, worship congregation.

To be an open environment for non-christians.

A recognised and local authority aided special needs centre – run by Christians.

Are there sheltered housing developments for the elderly? These may well be people who have been exposed to Christianity as children. Perhaps this can be revived? “dry bones” may live again.

Fun things to do more talking. Bla bla bla talking… Hi. (a child’s contrbution)

Young people’s club – we need to be able to staff this, not necessarily provide the building. Counselling / listening for those with problems. Place for e.g. young mums to gather and have fellowship.

We need 2 look more open to the community rather than a private club of old and sad people.

We need to consider times that we can offer any facilities, not only during the day but also in evening.

We could hold events like concerts, music demo workshops for young people. And afternoon teas for the elderly to come and chat.

Provide more outreach for teens, or a venue for them to gather – especially in the school holidays.

Any building should have a cross so we show what we stand for.

Safe caring meeting space. Flexible spaces from large to intimate. Places for teaching life skills for those think that they have stopped learning.

The video mentioned many of the needs. How do we meet them? Friendly welcoming places, people to do things. A commitment to make this a priority over e.g. work.

An enormous space for outrageous and enormous worship: show Egham that we worship our God!

A coffee shop and a Christian book shop adjoining.

Bringing a touch of Jesus to those on the streets (i.e. offering free parking / free coffee). Let people see Jesus’ love. Help to the poor? How? We need to be aware of the REAL needs of our community. How do we find this out?

We need to speak to the police, social services, homeless charities, GPs, etc to find out what the areas are where people need help. Otherwise we are just guessing and we might get it wrong.

Have a soup kitchen for the needy in Egham. A coffee shop/cafe.

We need to reach out to the people who come to church. A place to invite them for coffee and have someone to talk to.

Reaching out to the youth (attending events like “New Day”) Youth groups. Counselling – e.g. debt, unwanted pregnancy advice. Prayer groups. Sponsored walks? (raise church’s profile)

Our youth work currently has a huge percentage of “church kids”. What can we do / can we offer those with no church connection?

You definitely need a Town-Church interface area of some kind. Suggest buying a High Street shop instead of building a huge development.

Since the cost of renting the Literary Institute has been raised many societies have been forced out. If we were able to offer them a home it would be a great contribution to the community spirit in Egham and establish St John’s as a focal point in our town.

Coffee shop

A library with reading room, study corals, coffee shop. This library should be stocked and filled with as many religious manuscripts old and new. Classic knowledge literature. This library should be a magnet for the learned and the young. Plan for growth, for if done right this place (the library) will surely explode in size.

Somewhere quiet for people with troubles to go to be listened to. Increased resources for “messy” youth work: people and environment. (more paid posts). More liaison with current community groups.

A choir of 100 plus. Hymns and baroque. Paid positions, sectionals, training. Bringing in many into the church and hence the church family.

Getting alongside people and loving them. We can only hope to do this when we as individuals grasp what God’s grace is and its implications for our lives. Once we know this we can truly love others.

I feel I think a lot of youth lack things to do. Taking the gospel to the youth rather than getting them to come to church. So: things like a football tournament with a 10 minute talk or testimony. Gig nights.

20 percent of people will suffer depression at some point. The NHS are not scoped to cope. How can we be the place the desperate seek help?

Someone to talk to 24/7

Coffee place for people of Egham.

Rugby pitches. Sport/youth club.

We are the body of Christ, all of us. The young, the old, those in the middle, women and men, all races cultures, regardless of disability, intellegence, or not. All of us. Married, single, LGBT. All of us. Not this one or that one, all of us. Together we share one thing in common inspite of diversity, we are of this world and we sin. We all fall short. all of us. We may not be good at being brothers and sisters one to each other but there is one who can help us. May we find him now as we abandon ourselves to God’s love care and protection. In Christ we can all become one body if we let him provide us with humility to accept his redemption.

TO ascertain from social workers, etc, whether they have knowledge of any persons who need some company with their agreement obtained.

24 hour Bible reading would bring the church to be noticed.

A place for young people to feel safe and get input from adults who can relate to them. Somewhere that’s fun, safe, builds up.

This town lacks a focal point since so many people commute into London. The church, in my view, should strive to be that focal point.

To help the damaged, mentally and spiritually, we need trained counsellors and as Marcus says a safe place and not a “public access” so that privacy is maintained.

Alpha course running every year – Student Alpha is particularly valuable. More campus publicity and outreach about Student Alpha would be good.

Need to connect with God’s love via listening ears… Drop-in coffee bar / cafe. Opportunity for structured listening – special designated quiet rooms. Counselling centre.

Further help at community drop-in. Counselling service of some sort.

How can we encourage young and not so young single people in our church and also young married couples to face the stress and hardship within their family relationships? Also then reaching out into the community with a reality based programme of encouragement, based on God’s commands and biblical truth.

Meeting the needs of the business community. Senior business leaders are often lonely or isolated, unwilling to trust their colleagues. Other business people know there’s more than profit. Let’s provide facilities to reach out to our local business community.

Financial education. Teaching people how to budget, e.g. student population, those on low income, those with debts etc.

The church could help the community by having a special place for the old. “A special place for old people to sit”

A library. A quiet place for people to come, read and have access to Christian literature. THis could lead to children’s story hours, book clubs, etc. and it could guide people to seek Christian counsel, parenting courses, and other programmes at St John’s – Marriage Course, Christianity Explored.

Accessibility. Time givers. Inclusions. Publicity and safe place. Sharing.

More “drop-in” events in church for mothers, youth, students?? Perhaps it could be an opportunity to make the church more open / accessible to locals.

Somewhere anyone could go and find a warm welcome and receive help / support if needed. Also open our homes more to church family and others, especially to those struggling with life for various reasons.

A place to meet. Give young people somewhere to socialise.

Safe spaces for people to meet – also need people to “staff” them – shared with other churches in town. People going out into the community e.g. the youth group in the community centre.

I fell that these is a need to help couples. There are so many children at schools who’s parents have separated and both parents and children need support. There needs to be more work with children, both primary and secondary school ages, so that they have somewhere to go and not feel that they can only hang around. There is alos a large elderly popuplation that is not always respected and helped in the way that they deserve. I believe that there is a particular need for work with / support for young boys / men. They need good role models from within their community.

Young people retuening from university need to be catered for. Many fall away. Look after our own young people, not just the students. Work for the elderly is small at present – lunches and visiting work at old folks homes.

Organised sports league etc. Build on footie success. Cafe facilities – coffee etc, open at weekends.

People that don’t speak English very well. Students at RHUL. Students at Strodes. Secondary school pupils.

Spiritual needs: Nights/evenings like 1st priority available for the whole community to drop in and allow time to reflect (facility: church centre which might be seen as more accessible than the actual church for people in the wider community). Physical/material needs: continue partnership with Besom so that we can meet the practical needs of the community in a God driven way. Serving youth -> involvement in schools and offering time for them to come togehther outside of school.

The needs that need to be met in Egham community are: a place for the people whoa re bored, lonely, aimlessly wandering around but don’t know where or what to do in that hour or so. An area for youth. An area for private time. An area for drop-in. An area for coffee and chat.

To reach the wider community of Egham I would like to see a coffee shop / meeting place to make St John’s a social centre as well as a spiritual centre. I realise, however, that this would entail great expense and staffing difficulties.

Pastoral room. Coffee bar? for people from both the church and the community to use.