Faith Awareness in Children Trust

“FACT” aims to enable children to reflect on the Christian Gospel. This is achieved by helping children explore the Christian faith in schools, churches and the community in an open and non-judgmental way. FACT also helps parents in their primary role of parenting in an age where this role is becoming more and more devalued.

With FACT’s help teachers, church leaders and community groups are able to offer children opportunities to explore the Christian faith through multi-media and cross-curricular activities.

News (December 2012):

The theme of our final assembly for 2012 was “Perseverance.” We illustrated this with an event that is held each year at the Empire State Building in New York: the Run-Up. The challenge for the invited participants is to race up the 1576 steps to the 86th floor observation deck! Even the fittest of athletes must persevere to complete the challenge and their reward is a fantastic view across Manhattan.

We explored with the children how we all find some things more difficult than others. Sometimes achieving our goals can feel like being at the bottom of a very tall building and the lift is out of order.  Perhaps that is how Moses felt as he led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. There were many obstacles ahead of him, not least the Red Sea and when food and water ran out, Moses bore the brunt of the Israelites’ moaning and complaining. Moses didn’t give up however.  He trusted God and he persevered, even in the face of difficulty. Forty years later the Israelite sreached the land of Canaan as God had promised.

In Galatians 6 we read: ‘Do not get fed up doing the right thing, keep going, persevere and you will be rewarded.’

News (June 2012)

At the end of May, the FACT team spent a “wonder-ful” three days with children from four local primary schools, engaged in “A Time to Wonder”. Hosted by St Peter’s Church, Staines, over 150 children were given the opportunity to ask: “I wonder if I am special?” and “I wonder if I am important?” They explored these questions through a variety of guided activities in three tents, the Rock Tent, the Good Fruit Tent and the Prayer Tent and there was plenty of time for the children to think, be still, experience and wonder.

The children shared some wonderful comments with us during the three days which showed that they had reflected deeply during the session.

The comments included:

 I’ve learnt that God loves me”

I’ve learnt that I am important and special”

“I’m unique and no-one can take that away from me”

News (March 2012)

During  the last half-term, Simon (Director of Children’s Ministries) and Avril (Christian RE Schools Worker) have delivered assemblies in over 30 primary schools, meeting with over 8,500 children!  The theme of the assemblies was “Blessings”.  In January 2012 the Children’s Society published  The Good Childhood Report which revealed that half a million children are unhappy .  The FACT team felt compelled to speak directly into this situation, using a “Pass the Parcel” present of three boxes one inside the other each containing the word “Blessed”.  They described the feeling of being “blessed” as a beautiful gift from God with many layers and explored, with help from children “unwrapping” the present how we can feel blessed  and know that we are loved by and precious to God when life is good, when life is just “OK” and even when life is tough.

Reflecting on the assembly Avril said “Simon and I have found this a powerful assembly to deliver.  We cannot possibly know how each child is feeling at the time of our assembly but we want it to speak to each child whatever is happening in their lives.  We do not want to present a woolly, fluffy gospel.  The gospel is gritty, speaking into every situation.  We hope that every child left this assembly knowing they are precious and loved by God whatever is happening in their lives.”

 FACT and St John’s

FACT and St John’s held a highly successful week of Time to Wonder activities during the week commencing 21st November 2011. .   This programme gives children at Key Stage 2 an opportunity to explore issues of self-awareness and self-esteem.  In addition, it encourages an appreciation of diversity within community, an emphasis on the value of the individual within that community and an opportunity for children to reflect within a very busy curriculum.  The FACT team have received excellent feedback from  Time to Wonder sessions:

I have learnt that it is not the way you look on the outside it is about who you are on the inside.’ Y3 pupil

I often think I am different. Today has taught me that it is ok to be different, I am unique and special.’ Y6 pupil

It has been so good for the pupils and myself to have an opportunity to stop and reflect.’ Y5 teacher

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