Tanzania Unwrapped


Bishop Joseph Mgomi succeeded Bishop Donald Mtetemela as Bishop of Ruaha Diocese in 2010 when Bishop Donald retired. St John’s supported the work of Donald Mtetemela and his wife Gladys for over 30 years in our relationship with the people and work of Ruaha Diocese. We support Joseph and his wife Lillian by providing financial support and assistance for church projects in Tanzania, such as mini-labs for the detection of malaria parasites.Click here to find out more about Tanzania.

The following gifts are for the Diocese of Ruaha.

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The following are specific gifts to help the work of the Bible Society in Tanzania.

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The Good Samaritan Project HIV/AIDS prevention is about bible teaching, help and advice and openess and understanding. It equips churches to accept and respond to HIV/AIDS victims, it saves lives by helping people make the right choices and it brings comfort by making the bible’s message real to those who suffer.