Prayer Diary – Summer 2017

Please use this prayer page throughout the six weeks over the summer.


Choose something from the news and pray into that situation.


Pray for someone who is on your heart who as yet does not know the love of Jesus for themselves. Bring them into God’s presence as you pray.


Pray for our missionary contacts; Tim and Hannah, Bishop Joseph in Tanzania, Ian and Simea in Brazil, Child Action Lanka, FACT and East to West, working in our schools.


Pray for someone who is known to you who is in any kind of difficulty, that God would draw them near to himself through their ordeal and grant them his peace, provision and healing.


Pray for summer events: Spree, our Family Fun Week (24th – 28th Aug), Falcon Camps giving holidays to underprivileged children (throughout the summer), Coffee Mornings in August and any others you know about.


Pray for local ministries: the Kitchen, Besom, CAP, Food Bank, Care in Egham and Seniors outreach through Songs of Praise and services at Manor Farm Court, Grove Court and Manor Farm Day Centre.


Pray for the building project: for God’s glory, for release of the finance needed for the next stage, for no VAT, for decisions regarding the main contractor, for relationships with neighbours, contractors and each other and that we would be in this together.