Pledge Questions

What is my role in this?
As a member of the St John’s Family you are invited to give sacrificially what you believe is right in your heart. Supporting this project will enable our ministries to grow and help our vision to transform our community. Our research confirms that the majority of funds will come from our own congregation.

Who will benefit from this vision and how can a building be an effective tool for reaching the community?
Our vision is to create a contemporary resource for the wider Egham community from toddlers to teenagers to families to seniors- and everyone in between. This is your opportunity to make a wise investment for current and future generations.

When will we know how much trusts will contribute?
To be successful with our applications, we need to show that we have raised at least 60% of our target. Next spring, the Project team will apply for external funding from trusts and grant-making bodies who give to Christian projects that are designed to make a difference to their communities.

What happens to my gift if the building does not go ahead?
All gifts for Our Future are being held in a separate account. In the event the project does not proceed further, the PCC will ask donors if they wish to have unspent monies returned to them.

What happens to the money given if we raise too much?
Surplus funds will be used to fund the running and repair costs of the new combined Church and Church Centre.

Does the Council planning permission apply indefinitely?
Our planning approval lasts for 3 years until March 2015. If building work has not started by then, we would have to apply for an extension of the permission.

When will the building work start?
We aim to have 80% of the overall cost pledged by members, committed by grant-making bodies and raised elsewhere by the summer of 2013. This will enable us to tender and contract for the building work to start during 2014 and complete in 2015.

How confident are we that the cost will keep to £3million?
If we can start building within the next 2-3 years, fixed bids for construction work should remain very competitive. Recent VAT changes proposed for altering Listed Buildings should not affect our new Centre, which should still qualify for zero-rating as an Annexe for charitable use. We will submit our newly Approved plans to HMR&C for their confirmation later this year.

Should we be giving to our mission partners?
The PCC are considering how we can extend our support for our mission partners as part of Building for the Future.