Time and Talents

What is Time & Talents?

“Time & Talents” is a funding stream for the “Building for the Future” (BFTF) project where we the congregation pledge our time or skill or simple willingness to do something that will allow or encourage others to give donations to the BFTF fund.

One of the aims of this funding stream is to be able to source income from outside the congregation. Providing a service, doing a sponsored something or running an event enables contributions from friends or acquaintances that do not necessarily come to St John’s and provides an element of outreach at the same time.

We believe that if each member of the congregation undertook to do JUST ONE THING of this nature we could raise a significant amount towards the cost of the project.

What is ongoing or available?

  • Computer training & support – Andy Balaam
  • Card making – Kim Callaghan
  • Maths Tutoring – Tom Page
  • Gardening Project – Sheila Wattley
  • Gardening or Bell Ringing – David Stone
  • Bangers & Mash meals – currently 8 taken place raising £300
  • Buffet suppers & Sing alongs – Joan & Maurice Grimmett – currently 1 taken place raised £150

What is in the pipeline?

  • Sailing Challenge – Jeff Wattley
  • Jazz Night – being considered by Geoff Martin & friends – looking for a venue that seats 200ish with a bar
  • Movember – suggested by Roger Arraiol – get sponsored to grow a moustache during November – prize for most spectacular – contact us to sign up by 30th September to take part
  • Energy Audits – The Robson’s are currently being trained to do this and would be willing to provide a consultative service to the congregation
  • 100k dog walk – Kay Gough

How can I get involved?

Simple, just think of an activity that you could do for a fee or sponsorship, let us know what it is and ask for any support that you need – here are a few suggestions to get those creative juices flowing.

See our PDF of fundraising ideas to the right.

Or provide us with a suggestion of something you need and we can see if anyone can provide it.

Who can help me with my idea?

Your co-ordinators for this funding stream are Andy Willis and Carlos Pittol.

We are here to actively support you in your activity in whatever way we can from simple encouragement to sponsorship forms to advertising to linking up like minded people who would like to be part of a larger event. Our basic principle is if you ask for it and we can do it we will.

Please feel free to contact us on the contact details provided or hunt us down on a Sunday, we’re usually hanging around for coffee after the 11am service.

Building for the Future – Time and Talent from Andrew Scott on Vimeo.