Prayer Diary – Week 28/10/2018


Father you know the challenges that face each and every one of us.  For some it’s just the thought of starting another week and getting through the daily grind.  Help us to offer you the ‘sacrifice of thanksgiving’ today – no matter what our circumstances – and teach us to lift our eyes to you.  Help us to walk consciously with you today and please be in every encounter we have.


Lord how do we pray for the people of Indonesia, Yemen, Syria ……. the list seems endless.  So many are living desperate, seemingly hopeless lives.  Forgive us when we turn a blind eye to the suffering of others and stir us to faithfully pray, give, lobby and care.


We pray today for those attending the Light Party.  Please bless Rachel and her helpers as they offer an alternative way of celebrating Halloween.  May lots of children come and those passing the church be drawn to join in too.   We pray today that the world’s fascination with darkness be eclipsed by the true Light of the World.


Father thank you for tonight’s Alpha Course and for the wonderful group of people who are attending each week.  Help us to provide just the right atmosphere where everyone can feel free to share and where everyone can grow in their relationship with you and with one another.


Heavenly Father, thank you that you have promised you will never leave us or forsake us.   With loneliness reaching epidemic proportions, we pray today for all those who are feeling sad or isolated.  Please reveal to us those in need of support and forgive us for the times we unwittingly exclude others.  We pray too for everyone involved in the Welcome ministry, that you will give them sensitivity and insight.


Thank you Lord for all the ‘Marthas’ in our church family.  We take so much for granted – our spotless church, beautiful flower arrangements, pre-service setting up, wonderful refreshments and so much more.  Thank you for those who are prepared to work tirelessly ‘behind the scenes’ and prompt each one of us to play our part too.


Father we are so excited at all you are doing in this new season of change.  As we study your command to love each other, give us a new understanding of what that means.   Please bless and equip Esther, Robin and Rachel and open our hearts and minds to all you want to teach us.

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