Prayer Diary – Week 05/11/2018


Time and space are challenges that living in Western society often get ignored. In a moment of reflection ask for God to open our eyes, to hear his word and see his glory in full so that we may share that love he has for us with those we meet this week.


Thank you Lord for the work of Besom in Runnymede, thank you for both the spiritual and practical guidance Besom can give to those in need in our area by giving time, money or supplies to make a real long-term difference to those in need.


Illness can bring huge struggles and great disruption on an individual basis and to whole families. Uphold before God someone who you know who is going through periods of physical, mental or emotional difficulty asking for his gentle hands to lead and heal the situation.


The English Language Café welcomes those for whom English is not their first language. Ask God that this may this be an opportunity to continue to reach out into the wider Egham community.


East to West are a selfless community of people of integrity who have fun together but are also devoted and compassionate to helping young people through actively journeying with them by pursuing emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness for all. Pray that young people in our area will come to know Jesus in their lives through the work of East to West.


Today’s Fair Trade coffee morning gives an opportunity to buy gifts from around the world and to meet socially over tea, coffee and cake. Give thanks for the opportunities we have to support this vital work.


At 1100 on the 11th November 1918 silence came across the fields of Northern Europe with the hope that the end of the Great War was to be the war to end all wars, sadly this did not happen. 100 years later we remember the sacrifices given by so many in bringing peace, love and harmony around the world.


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