CARE in Egham

CARE in Egham & District is a small, locally based charity which has existed for over
30 years and has provided much needed voluntary transport services for the elderly ,
the sick and people with disability. We are registered with Voluntary Support North
Surrey and Surrey Community Action. Please note we do not operate a web-site as
we are a small charity with a very simple operation with minimal administrative costs.
However, we hope to create one soon.
As part of CARE’s response to Covid-19 we provide a dedicated telephone number
(01784 431031) which is answered by our Duty Officer between 0900 – 1200 on

We have a number of volunteer drivers who will carry out shopping and other essen-
tial errands on behalf of our clients. The Duty Officer will allocate requests for shop-
ping and essential errands to the voluntary drivers. The drivers are all dedicated to

serving within the local community and have been recruited using rigorous checks.

We also have a team of volunteers who ring around our clients each week to main-
tain important contact with people who may feel isolated.

If you wish to register with CARE as one of our clients please call CARE on
01784 431031 between 0900 – 1200 on weekdays.

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