Guildford Diocesan May Appeal for Sialkot Diocese in Pakistan

It was a great privilege to visit Sialkot Diocese in Pakistan last Autumn, and to witness the amazing work of their churches, schools and community projects, including an orphanage in Sialkot itself, a hospital in Jalalpur Jattan and the start of a ministry among drug addicts. For the past couple of years we have been developing a diocesan partnership with Sialkot, which is really opening our eyes to the sheer courage of Christians in a frequently hostile environment.

Pakistan has thus far had many fewer cases of Covid-19 than here in the UK, but the virus is still hitting the country hard, with lockdowns and a ban on all public gatherings. Sialkot Diocese is run on a shoestring, and is hugely dependent on income generated from its nine schools – all of which are currently closed down.

We are therefore launching a May Appeal today, seeking to raise the sum of £12,000 to support the salaries of the clergy and the staff at the orphanage. The Anglican Communion Fund will be administering this on our behalf, with all the experience they have of ensuring that money is transferred safely and used for the purposes for which it’s been given. And while we face many challenges of our own (not least financial ones), there’s something deeply significant about looking beyond ourselves at this extraordinary time – perhaps gaining our inspiration from the Israelites in last Thursday’s lectionary reading, who were called to take up an offering in the wilderness ‘from all whose hearts prompt them to give’ (Exodus 25:2).

For details of how to donate to our May Appeal, please see below
Every Blessing
Bishop Andrew

How to donate to the Sialkot Campaign
The most efficient way would be for people to contribute online is through Stewardship at Donors should indicate ‘Sialkot’ where they have the opportunity to list ‘donor details’. They will have the opportunity to enable Gift Aid if they choose.
Alternatively, we can receive donations by BACS to the Friends of the Anglican Communion Fund, CAF Bank Account no. 00030397, Sort Code 40 52 40. Donors should put Sialkot as a reference. If they wish to enable Gift Aid they will need to take the additional step of getting in touch with us to give permission and share their contact details so that we can process it with HMRC. They can email

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