Welcome – Students

At St. John’s we love having Royal Holloway on our doorstep and want to do all we can for students during their time here. We hope both to support Christian students to live as passionate followers of Jesus Christ, and to give the opportunity for any who are interested to investigate what Christianity is all about.

As a church we really benefit from our students becoming fully involved in the life of the church in different ways, and encourage all of you to do so.

Student Life Group meets on Tuesday evenings during term time. Meeting at 6.30 to eat together and then starting bible study, discussion and prayer at 7.30.

Students are more than welcome to come to as much or as little of the evening as they would like.

There is always lunch after the 11am service, we can arrange a one-to-one for you and there are many other events for students to get involved in!

Find out more about our student activities.