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Foodbank Appeal

Foodbank appeal for help as follows:  donate food (drop off at Virginia Lodge on Monday between 10 & 12) or contact Chris Gray on and he will pick it up; volunteer time – contact RFB website or email to offer support; donate cash via the website  

Canaan Books

A message from the team at Canaan Books: to all our lovely shoppers.  As you may be aware due to government legislation we have had to close at this time.  However, we are still able to provide resources to you which we can send directly to your home.  Please either phone us on 01784 457194 […]

Worried about someone sleeping rough?

Dear Everyone, You have probably seen newspaper articles, Tweets etc about helping homeless people sleeping rough this winter. In this extremely cold weather, everyone is being asked to do what they can to ensure that no one is without shelter and a warm safe place to sleep, and Westminster churches are, of course, very much […]