Parochial Church Council

Relationship to the Vicar

It is the duty of the Vicar and the PCC to consult together on matters of general concern and importance to the Parish. In doing so the PCC cooperates with the Vicar to promote the whole mission of the Church.

  1. In pastoral ways – looking after individuals
  2. In evangelistic ways – sharing the gospel with others
  3. In social ways – helping the disadvantaged in the community
  4. In ecumenical ways – encouraging good relationships with other Christians. This means mutual support, understanding, and a free discussion of ideas and plans leading to joint decision-making.

Equally, it is not helpful for the PCC to see itself as THE decision-making body. It is rightly too large, meets too infrequently, and is not close enough to the ground to be able to make all decisions. Some decisions will be taken by other committees.

Relationship to the Congregation

It is also the responsibility of the PCC to be aware of the views of the congregation and to maintain communications so that their views are fairly represented. The PCC has been elected by people who trust them to support their interests.


The PCC has the following responsibilities:

  1. Towards the wider Church – Deanery and Diocese. Through Synod reports.
  2. For the buildings and possessions. The PCC is responsible for the upkeep and insurance of the buildings and movable items. This includes work recommended by the ‘quinquennial’ report.
  3. Financial affairs. The PCC has overall responsibility for the financial expenditure in the Parish, and for raising the money. It must prepare and approve an annual budget. The Church accounts must be independently audited and presented to the APCM.
  4. The PCC pays the wages of Church staff, such as Administrator and Verger.
  5. When the incumbent leaves, the PCC are responsible for finding the successor in consultation with the Diocese and Patron.

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