PCC Members


  • Vicar – Esther Prior (Chair)
  • Simon Fraser


  • Heather Cooke
  • Veronica Cresswell

Diocesan Synod representative

  • Keith Malcouronne

Deanery Synod representatives

  • Conrad Benefield (PCC Secretary)
  • Sarah Gillies
  • Joyce Johnson
  • Paul Kahn

Elected lay representatives

  • Debbie Benefield
  • Steve Cresswell
  • Phil Darby
  • Emma Evans
  • Chris Gray
  • Phil Holloway
  • Sara Holloway
  • Chris King
  • Victoria Mcharo
  • Carol Peters
  • Michael Senanayake
  • Andrew Tebboth
  • Sally Thompson
  • Natalie Watson
  • Geoff Wickes

Clergy, Wardens, the Diocesan Synod representative and Deanery Synod members are ‘ex officio’ members of PCC, which means that they automatically have a seat on the PCC because they hold these positions.

Wardens are elected at the Annual Meeting of Parishioners each April. Diocesan Synod and Deanery Synod elections are held every three years. Other PCC members are elected at the St John’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting, held each April.