Our Vision

St John’s Church has  been at the heart of Egham for centuries, bringing God’s blessing to the wider community. Our vision is for a church where people feel they belong to a family in which they grow in faith; a Church that invites others to become part of God’s family and which is working to transform our community to the glory of God.
We launched the following Church Development Plan in March 2017 building on our existing vision.

Transforming our Community begins with every individual in Church being encouraged to grow more faithful in following Christ and more Christ-like in character. It continues as God builds us into a Church Family in which we increasingly care for and support one another. And this overflows to the wider community, not only in Egham but wherever our Church Family live and work, as we reach out with the love of Christ.

Supporting those in need: There are huge needs in our community. Some of these are practical. In recent years, we have found many new ways of demonstrating the love of Christ through the Besom and Kitchen ministries; some needs are emotional, and our growing pastoral team are engaged with people in need of care and counsel. Also many needs are spiritual and can be wonderfully met as they discover God’s grace bringing freedom and forgiveness.

Sharing the Good News of Christ: We want to share the good news of Christ with all. Over several years many in our community have explored the Christian faith over a relaxed meal through Alpha and Christianity Explored.

Encouraging people on the journey: For centuries, our church has touched people at key moments in life; celebration of marriage, the birth of a child, the challenge of raising a family, coping with sickness and loss, and grieving a departed loved one. In our perplexing culture, people increasingly welcome help with these challenges through courses, counsel and supportive groups.

Serving our Community: We want to be good news as well. Many of our activities like Playbox Nursery, Songs of Praise, the Kitchen, Student Life Group, Playtime and Praise Tots and the Summer Holiday Club are already seen as very good news. We would love to grow these ministries and develop new ones such as Messy Church for families; lunchtime events for people working in Egham and greater support for single mums.